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Abraham’s Inheritance Inc. is an organization formed and dedicated to changing the lives of inner city minority young men. Through our program Abraham Inheritance Inc. is redirecting lives transforming minds and placing the young minority men on the path to success. Abraham’s Inheritance Inc. Has put in place many tools to get the young minority men on the path to success without any excuses for failure. Let me share with you the story of a young man who never had a Father in the home and was raised in a single parent home by his mother. This young man has never experience the love of a father nor was taught how to be a man. He was never was disciplined on how to be successful or how to survive. He never has experienced the true family structure, as a result the young man became open prey and vulnerable to being raised by the streets. An older men took him under his wings showing him how to become a so called man through the gang and how to survive through selling drugs and how to feel love through misusing women and engaging in a sexual abusive relationship with this so called father figure and the young man’s life continue to go down hill from being in out of jail, destruction of the community and being a plain menace to society. If there was an organization like Abraham’s Inheritance Inc., in place that partners with schools in the community to target young men like this without a father in the home the young men would already have been directed to our organization and he would have not been taking advantage of. He would have been taking under the wings of a true Father figure who would discipline, mentor and loved him in the right way, he would have also been put on the path to success through our youth educational and skill development program and would have been able to deal with inner emotions through our spiritual healing and counseling program. Fortunately today Abraham’s Inheritance Inc. never believes in it’s to late for anyone so we have an vehicle in place for young minority men who have already fell victim to this problem, to get their lives back on track through our transformation program. However in order to reach and help these inner city minority young boys and men affected by this epidemic in the capacity and volume attended each year. Today you can make an immediate difference in the life of a minority young man by your financial donation this provides the necessary funding needed to change the life of each minority young man and help them have a successful future. I hope we can count on you to help. Please send the most generous gift you can, all gifts are tax deductable. With grateful appreciation.